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сергей загаровский

Ever since I was at school, I remember the story of the little girl Sadako from Hiroshima. During the bombing of Hiroshima, her house was in the epicenter of a nuclear explosion, but the girl miraculously survived. After 10 years, the effects of nuclear radiation did not go away and Sadako became seriously ill. In the hospital, she learned the legend that if you make a thousand cranes, then any wish will come true. Sadako died at the age of 12, without finishing the cherished number of cranes.

I made this portrait in memory of Sadako, out of 2222 cranes that I made for half a year.

Greetings to all friends! I present to you the first work from the series "White, Visiting the Greats" 850mm by 600mm There is an opinion that artists after death, go away and continue to exist in the worlds that they invented and presented to the world throughout their creative life. Grandfather and White decided to visit each of these worlds. The first such" house", on whose threshold Belaya (White) and her grandfather set foot, will be the world of Zdislaw Beksinski @beksinski Beksinski is the greatest Polish artist who gave humanity his dark, intricate, frightening and at the same time alluring world.

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